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Discover the World of most Beautiful Pearls. Explore our Pearls, Diamonds and Stone Jewellery Collection. Our Story is one filled with Passion and Pursuit for the perfect and fine quality pearls. It spans close to 40 years and still continues today as the source of finest Pearls and Jewellery. In 1983, Mr. Devender Kumar embarked on a Journey with a bold Vision that was to revolutionize the Pearl and Jewellery studded with Pearls, Diamonds and Colour Stones trade in Hyderabad. Entranced by the Beauty of the Gems, Lusture, Virtues and his Innovations with new design’s and bring dramatic changes all due to superior and widely accepted and recognized quality. He mastered and unlocked the secret of creating superior designs of jewellery and added the collection of diamonds jewellery studded with colour stones (Precious and Semi-precious). With a dedicated team of In-House artful precision graders, designers and skilled technicians who assess each and every piece of Pearl, Diamonds and Stone Jewellery to ensure that each design to be as Unique and Beautiful as possible – unknown until that very moment. Every piece of Jewellery is accomplished with a Certificate of Authenticity as an assurance of Quality, as we have been recognized internationally as the first source of Pearls and Diamond and Stone Jewellery. Our exceptional Creations of Jewellery pieces be it with Pearls, Diamonds or Colour Stones defines the Craftmanship. Our asset is our people and we at Krishna Pearls and Jewellers keep on investing on our own staff with firm commitment to training and education to make our Company truly one of kind including after sales service for resetting or repolishing. Today we cater to Pan-Indian / International Customers through a Chain of stores located in Down Town Jewellery High Street “Panjagutta” of Hyderabad to Malls, Airports and Luxury Hotels



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